Keep Healthy Teeth with Kingston Park Advanced Dentistry | Private Dental Practice in Newcastle upon Tyne

Advanced Dentistry in Kingston Park, Newcastle. We are a clinic with a strong emphasis on retaining teeth for a healthy, functional mouth avoiding tooth loss. We provide cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic tooth straightening and dental implants.

Registered Private Dental Practice Newcastle
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Page last updated 07.01.20

About us


Kingston Park Advanced Dentistry has been providing high quality dental care for over 30 years. Owned by husband and wife team, Andrew and Lee Gemmell, we are located at Kingston Park, just off the A1, it is easy to get to from Gosforth, Ponteland, Great Park and the wider North East region. Parking is free and we are walking distance from Kenton Bank Foot metro station.

Our practice has a strong emphasis on prevention of dental disease. Maintaining healthy, functional teeth is the underlying focus of the treatments our team provide. We provide a referral service for advanced restorative dentistry for dentists throughout the region. The treatments provided on referral are targeted at saving teeth and undertaking advanced treatment to prevent tooth extraction.


If you have been referred by your normal dentist for root canal treatment (endodontic treatment) or advanced restorative dentistry, please click here for more information.  

Our opening hours are; 

Monday            09:00 - 19:30

Tuesday           09:00 - 17:30

Wednesday      09:00 - 17:30

Thursday          09:00 - 17:30

Friday               09:00 - 17:00

Closed weekends

If you have any queries about how we may be able to help you look after or improve your teeth and smile, please don't hesitate to contact us