Cosmetic Orthodontic Treatment

A complete smile makeover by straightening, whitening and teeth reshaping. 


Straightening your teeth is part of the complete smile makeover treatments we offer. In addition to straigtening your teeth, we can also discuss whitening your teeth with professional dental bleaching and reshaping your teeth with composite bonding. There are modern ways of straightening your teeth without anyone even knowing in as little as 6 months.

We have no waiting lists and after a consultation, we will assess your teeth to determine the cause of the crookedness and work together to give you your perfect straight smile.​

Types of Braces


Orthodontics can be performed using a magnitude of different braces and clear aligners. At Kingston Park we pride ourselves on only using the best.


Modern clear ceramic brackets

These are placed on the teeth, along with white coated wires and clear elastic rings in as little as 15 minutes. They then gently align the teeth over an average 6 month period.


High-Tech Removable aligners

Don’t want any brackets on your teeth? The Invisalign aligner system will straighten your teeth while you wear them, allowing for increased comfort and even greater appearance.​​


  • With straight teeth cleaning becomes even easier, helping to maintain a healthy mouth.

  • Anterior Alignment Orthodontics (AAO) or Short Term Orthodontics (STO) can straighten teeth in as little as 4 months. Meaning you can have your perfect smile sooner than you realise.

  • No extractions! Yes, the majority of orthodontic treatment carried out in adults doesn’t require you to have any teeth pulled out.

  • You can carry on smiling while your teeth are straightened, thanks to the clear ceramic brackets or removable aligners, you don’t have to worry about a metal smile.



Fees for treatment depend on if both top and bottom teeth need to be straightened and the complexity of the case.

Typically, fees are from £2000 for standard cases and £3000 for more complex treatment. There are no ‘hidden costs’ in our fees as we pride ourselves on honest, high standards of patient care. This is why all costs include retainers to keep your teeth straight.

We will give you a personalised treatment plan together with estimated treatment cost following your consultation.

The comprehensive orthodontic assessment costs £95 and includes all clinical photographs, study models, diagnostic tests and if you have been referred, correspondence with your normal dentist.


Will it hurt?


No! Following the fit and adjustment appointments your teeth may feel a little tender for a few days, but this can normally be controlled by using the same medication you might use for a headache.

The Dentist


Dr Sebastian Wilkins BDS


Sebastian qualified from Sheffield in 2013 and has had a special interest in orthodontics since qualifying. He is a member of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics and puts the use of patient’s natural teeth at the forefront of his care.

He has taken several postgraduate courses ranging from Restorative Dentistry to Orthodontic treatments and is continually advancing his techniques and range of possible treatments​​

Clear ceramic brackets to gently align teeth

High-tech clear removable aligners

In this case, treated by Dr Wilkins, the teeth have been straightened with the 'Quick Straight Teeth' system and then whitened using our professional tooth bleaching systems.

This case took 4 months to move the teeth then 2 weeks for the tooth whitening.

In another cosmetic orthodontic case completed by Dr Wilkins, the teeth have been aligned - The patient was really happy how her smile had been really transformed!

This case took 5 months to complete using the IAS orthodontic system

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