Root Canal Treatments

If the nerve inside a tooth is irreversibly damaged, or there is bacteria inside the nerve space of a tooth, root canal treatment is a treatment to clean this space. The alternative to root canal treatment would be to have a tooth extracted. 

Treatment should not be painful and local anaesthetic is used at each stage of the procedure for your comfort. Following treatment, it is not unusual for a tooth to be tender for 2-3 days, however, this can normally be controlled with the same tablets you would take for a headache.

With the use of a high powered operating microscope and other contemporary techniques, our treatments are very predictable with success rates in excess of 95%. t should however be recognised that with any medical procedure, it is impossible to guarantee success.

If a tooth has previously had a root filling and it is painful or infected again, it may be appropriate to repeat the root filling (endodontic re-treatment). Depending upon the state of a tooth, the prognosis of re-treatment can be as good as conventional root canal treatment.

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Page last updated 04/01/21