Dental Emergency and Toothache

If you have a dental emergency or toothache, we aim to offer you treatment within 24 hours on our normal working days.

We keep dedicated slots available daily.  These are allocated on the day, on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please call 0191 286 3398 and our reception team will assist you. 

Out Of Hours:

When the surgery is closed, you may need urgent treatment if you have:

  • Toothache or swelling that suggests an infection of a tooth or gum

  • Severe toothache or facial pain which is not controlled by taking over-the-counter painkillers

  • Trauma of the face, mouth or teeth after a recent accident or injury

  • A permanent tooth knocked out

  • Bleeding after tooth extraction that you cannot control

  • Serious swelling of the mouth or face which is getting worse 

Please call the Emergency Phone on 0759 615 4619 for advice.  If the dentist does need to come and open the surgery out of normal working hours, there will be a £100 call-out fee for Private registered clients.

For immediate, life-threatening emergencies call 999