Toothache treatment in Newcastle

We provide same day toothache appointments for emergency dental care in Newcastle. If you are visiting Newcastle from outside the region, we will happily see you and provide emergency care until you are able to receive more definitive treatment with your  normal dentist. 

Typical problems people contact us for in an emergency include

  • acute sensitivity from teeth

  • pain which keeps you awake at night

  • swellings in the gum or face

  • broken teeth

  • veneers which need to be stuck back on

  • toothache relief

If you have any problems, we would be more than happy to help, or to offer advice over the phone. Please call 0191 286 3398

Keep Healthy Teeth with Kingston Park Advanced Dentistry | Private Dental Practice in Newcastle upon Tyne

Advanced Dentistry in Kingston Park, Newcastle. We are a clinic with a strong emphasis on retaining teeth for a healthy, functional mouth avoiding tooth loss. We provide cosmetic dentistry, aesthetic tooth straightening and dental implants.

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Page last updated 04/01/21